Most of my time is spent solving small problems for small people. Occasionally I invest big amounts of resources into something actually useful, like software and other minor projects.


My most important software platforms regard the management of service centers, ticketing and custom workflows. Not all the products here are currently on sale.

For my recent projects I owe a big favour to the Open Source community, and I'm planning on returning it in a few years.


A tool used to precisely track support tasks performed for many clients. It offers a complete time tracking system with variable hourly rates, travel costs, personalised pricelists, batch management and payment tracking. You could easily see why I developed it.

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TRIAD is a complete software management solution for distributed computer repair centers, and the successor of LabManager. Actually used by one of the biggest Apple reseller chains in Italy, it's a platform that spans over different technology stacks in order to give maximum flexibility, ease of development and interoperation with third party applications.

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A database solution for managing insurance estimates and offers, tailored to the specific needs of brokers.

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Created as an utility for archival purposes, LabManager quickly evolved to become a full management software for small support centers.

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Minor Projects

Small projects, contributions or jobs where I've been part of a teamwork.

SAN system for 3D production

Designing and Deploying a 40TB high performance SAN, to be used by a local film and 3D animation producer who works with some of the most relevant brands here.

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